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Brooklyn Long Island Clothing Drive

An initiative of former Sire Archon Lou Camilien, this program has been well received. Used and unwanted clothing is collected from the Archons and Archousai of Alpha Sigma at the September Meeting. A charity is selected for the donation of the clothing. The charity must redistribute the clothing free of charge to needy persons and families. In the years past, we have donated to the Gates Avenue Men’s Shelter in Brooklyn and the Family Life Center of St. Alban’s Congregational Church in Queens.

My Brother's Keeper

This is an initiative of President Obama who recognized that Black and Latino students are not afforded the same opportunities as their White counterparts and, therefore, are at a disadvantage academically. The program engages the private sector as well as the public sector to provide financial support to these students in order to level the playing field. Alpha Sigma has signed on to this initiative and we have committed to support the students in any way necessary to keep them on track to succeed academically and in other endeavors.




Several members of Alpha Sigma regularly participate in medical missions in different countries in the Caribbean where they provide free medical care and surgeries to clients who are in need and where the expertise is lacking. Archons Scott, Manning and Chase have visited Guyana where they have provided Pediatric Orthopedic care and Adult Sports and Orthopedic Trauma care. Archon McCalla visits Jamaica providing expertise in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Archon George Williams goes to Haiti to provide his expertise in Dental and Reconstructive Oral Surgery.


The Black Men’s Health Project

This is an initiative of the Grand Social Action Committee. Recognizing that Black men are suffering the most from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, and that little is done to prevent these maladies in the Black communities, the Grand Social Action Committee has developed this project to explore the etiologies of these diseases and then to present solutions that will not only reduce the risks, but also prevent such ailments, in our Black communities. In order to accomplish this monumental task, the Grand Social Action Committee is asking all Archons to participate in a brief survey on Black Men’s health. The survey will also be presented to the community. The goal is 10,000 participants in order to gather enough information to complete the study and to formulate a plan of action to decrease the incidence of, prevent and /or eliminate these conditions in our Black communities. Alpha Sigma is committed to this initiative.


Manchester Bidwell Project

This is a project that intends to provide living wage jobs to the underprivileged by training them with start of the art equipment and providing them with all the tools necessary to enter the workforce at that level. A facility has been identified as the training facility. Currently, funds are being solicited in order to do a feasibility study to identify the careers that will be in demand in our area when the training is complete. This has the potential to be our legacy program with the biggest impact in our community. The program was started in Pittsburgh and has been duplicated around the US and in Israel with tremendous success.

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